Phase I 

A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) includes research on current and former uses of the land, collection of all documents relevant to the property, and a non-invasive inspection of the site to determine the possibility of contamination on the property.


Phase II 

A Phase II ESA is conducted in the findings in a Phase I warrant further research.  This is a much more invasive process than a Phase I and can include excavation, drilling, as well as sampling and analysis of groundwater.



Data collected during the site assessments are used to review and evaluate cleanup options applicable to specific site conditions and consistent with cleanup and reuse goals.



Redevelopment is the end-goal of every brownfields project. Whether the land will be turned into a park or converted into office space, communities experience many environmental, social and economic benefits from brownfield redevelopment.


  • Financial
  • Technical
  • Community Engagement
  • Research

  • Financial
  • NKADD runs a Revolving Loan Fund to fund site cleanup activities. Additionally, there is currently hazardous assessment funds that were received along with coalition partners: Covington and Newport. No project is too small or too big.

  • Technical
  • NKADD contracts with Linebach Funkhouser, Inc. for environmental consulting. Their experience and attention to detail help our clients make sound decisions.

  • Community Engagement
  • Want to make your project as strong as possible? Involve community members, potential stakeholders, and the greater brownfield community.We can help to engage these groups and help develop a plan that will make the most out of your property.

  • Research
  • Brownfields are not unique to Kentucky. We stay up on current trends around the country, attend conferences, and try to think creatively when it comes to funding and reuse possibilities.

NKADD Services

Environmental Assessments

Property owners in Bellevue, Dayton, Newport and Wilder in Campbell County, and Covington, Ludlow and Taylor Mill in Kenton County are eligible for no-cost Phase I and II assessments through our USEPA Hazardous Assessment grant.

Community Outreach and Engagement

We provide expert advice and analyze issue areas, monitor trends and assess the best outreach strategies for your community.

Grant Application Preparation

We provide grant writing services to nonprofit agencies, governments and for-profit developers.  Our team has recieved three USEPA grants since 2009 and look forward to assissting more communities.

Project Management

Brownfield projects have unique challenges.  We have experience helping communities completing needs assessment, analyzing options and possible end uses and evaluating cleanup options.  From there we assist in forming a redevelopment plan that identifies potential funding sources, key partners, and preparing a bid package.   



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Local Funding

In 2012, the Northern Kentucky Area Development District (NKADD) was granted funds from the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to establish...


KY Brownfield Inventory

Brownfield sites are diamonds in the rough. While they may be unsightly, they often have existing infrastructure and utilities that undeveloped s...


Liability Information

Bona Fide Prospective PurchaserHouse Bill 272, passed by the 2005 Kentucky General Assembly, provides liability protection for bona fide prospect...


Tax Incentives

The Commonwealth of Kentucky offers tax incentives and credits to individuals or businesses that complete a cabinet-approved cleanup on a qualifi...


State Programs

Does your community have properties that need a little help? Do some buildings in the area have an environmental past? Are there old hospitals th...



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Community Input

Successful redevelopment is best achieved when local community members and officials are engaged and actively involved in the process.


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