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Does your community have properties that need a little help? Do some buildings in the area have an environmental past? Are there old hospitals that are in disuse and attract crime? Do you have mine-scarred lands? Are there former dry cleaning establishments in town? If so, you could have a brownfield. 

The Kentucky Brownfield Redevelopment Program seeks to help redevelop and revitalize properties that are abandoned or underutilized due to real or perceived contamination. There are an estimated 8,000 brownfields across the state. They include sites such as old gas stations, mine-scarred lands, abandoned factories, old schools and hospitals and meth labs. Our program offers comprehensive services to help with these problem properties. Check out our services below or check out our brownfield services video

Free Assessments 
The program offers free Phase I and II environmental assessments to local governments, nonprofits and quasi-governmental agencies. Check out our Targeted Brownfield Assessment Program for more information. 

Liability Management
During the 2012 Kentucky legislative session, a law was passed to enhance programs aimed at the redevelopment of brownfield properties. The result was a redevelopment process that provides property owners and prospective property owners (who can certify that they did not cause a release or have relationships with those who did, and who develop a plan to reuse the property safely) documentation that they will not be held responsible for conducting site investigation and remediation under Kentucky Superfund laws, specifically KRS 224.1-400 and KRS 224.1-405. This program removes some of the uncertainty related to the purchase or redevelopment of brownfield properties. 

Grant Writing Assistance
Each year, assessment, cleanup and revolving loan fund grants are made available from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  Program staff provide grant writing training and resources to help interested parties assemble a quality application.


Program staff can help identify funding for your project whether it is owned by a public or private entity.  Kentucky, through a U.S. EPA Brownfield Revolving Loan Fund Grant, has created the Cleaner Commonwealth Fund for brownfield cleanups. 

Help Desk
The Brownfield Help Desk connects you with a member of the Kentucky Brownfield Redevelopment Program that can answer your questions and help with issues surrounding your brownfield project.   

Information and Education
Information is power, and it is no different for brownfields. The staff works diligently to provide learning opportunities, informational programs and materials. If you are interested in future workshops, mailings and newsletters, contact us, and we will be happy to add you to our mailing list. 

Do you own a brownfield that needs to be redeveloped or are interested in purchasing a brownfield property? The Kentucky Brownfield Redevelopment Program has established a voluntary brownfield inventory. Sites submitted to the program can be marketed by the program staff and are potentially eligible for free assessments, grants, low-interest loans, tax increment financing (TIFs) and tax incentives. Check out our funding page for more information.

Community Input

Successful redevelopment is best achieved when local community members and officials are engaged and actively involved in the process.


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